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Youth Award

Awarded to: Young scientists and technicians who have made outstanding contributions to crop science in China.


(1) Must support the CCP's underlying principles and policies; love the motherland; be a law-abiding citizen; adopt "dedication, innovation, realism, and cooperation" within the field of science while adopting a good overall work ethic.

(2) Must satisfy one of the following:

a. Has made important and innovative achievements, and outstanding contributions to the field of crop science research.

b. Has made outstanding achievements in the popularization of crop science and technology, and the popularization and transformation of scientific and technological achievements, reaching remarkable social and / or economic benefits.

(3) Must be a citizen of the People's Republic of China.

(4) Must have been a member of the CSSC for at least two years.

(5) Male candidates must be under the age of 40 and female candidates must be under the age of 45 on January 1 of the same year.


Award Period and Quota: This prize is awarded every two years (herein one session) to no more than two individuals.

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