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Group Member

Rights of Group Members:

(1) Membership is voluntary, and withdrawal is available and free;

(2) To have voting rights, candidate eligibility, and voting power;

(3) To participate in various activities of the organization;

(4) To enjoy priority or preferential access to the CSSC’s academic activities, services and materials;

(5) To criticize, suggest and supervise the work of the group.


Obligations of Group Members:

(1) Abide by the articles of the CSSC and implement resolutions of the CSSC;

(2) Safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of the CSSC;

(3) Complete work entrusted by the CSSC;

(4) Pay membership dues according to the regulations;

(5) Provide relevant information to the CSSC.


All Group Members of the CSSC who pay the annual membership fee can enjoy the following services:

(1) The right to recommend candidates for Director of the CSSC;

(2) Participation in the joint meeting of the Secretary General of the Society and the opportunity to exchange experience for management of the society;

(3) A link to the Group Member on the website of the CSSC;

(4) Publication of news of the Group Member’s activities on the website of the CSSC;

(5) The right to apply to attend Council meetings and Executive Council meetings, and put forward opinions and suggestions to the Council.

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