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Individual members

(1) General Member: Those who are engaged in crop research, education, production, promotion and management, and have obtained a bachelor’s degree or above; and scientific and technological workers who do not have bachelor’s degree or above, but have obtained intermediate or equivalent technical titles, or have worked in crop science for more than three years, and have extensive practical experience, can become Members of the CSSC.

(2) Premium Member: Those who are engaged in crop scientific research, education, production, promotion and management with senior technical titles can join the CSSC as Premium Members.

(3) Honorary Member: Any expert or scholar over 70 years-of-age who is a member of the CSSC, has a high reputation in his/her field, is enthusiastic in the activities of the CSSC, supports the constitution of the society, and has made important contributions to crop science and technology and the CSSC can be conferred the title of Honorary Member upon approval of the Standing Council of the Society.

(4) Student Member: Graduate students and junior and senior undergraduate students in institutions of higher learning or scientific research institutes can join the CSSC as Student Members. If the member does not continue to work in the field of crop science and technology after graduation, s/he will automatically be regarded as having quit the association.

(5) Foreign Member: A foreign expert or scholar who has substantial academic achievements, is friendly toward China, and is willing to cooperate with the Society can be admitted as a Foreign Member after being approved by the Council or the Standing Council of the Society and reported to the China Association for Science and Technology for recording. Foreign members can enjoy preferential access to academic journals and relevant materials published by the Society, and can be invited to attend academic conferences and other relevant events hosted by the CSSC.


Rights of Individual Members:

(1) Membership is voluntary, and withdrawal is available and free;

(2) To have voting rights, candidate eligibility, and voting power;

(3) To participate in various activities of the organization;

(4) To enjoy priority or preferential access to the CSSC’s academic activities, services and materials;

(5) To criticize, suggest and supervise the work of the group.


Obligations of Individual Members:

(1) Abide by the articles of the CSSC and implement resolutions of the CSSC;

(2) Safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of the CSSC;

(3) Complete work entrusted by the CSSC;

(4) Pay membership dues according to the regulations;

(5) Provide relevant information to the CSSC.


Individual Members of the CSSC who pay annual membership dues can enjoy the following:

(1) A discounted member’s registration fee if participating in academic conferences sponsored by the CSSC;

(2) Free participation in the activities of “CSSC Member Day”;

(3) Priority participation in academic exchanges, continuing education and training organized by the CSSC;

(4) Participation in research projects organized and implemented by the CSSC;

(5) If the member meets the requirements, s/he may be recommended as a candidate for various awards.

(6) On publishing papers in Acta Agronomica, Premium Members can take 20% off, and Ordinary Members can take 10% off publishing charges;

(7) Information about various activities organized by the CSSC and the latest trends and news in crop science and technology;

(8) Free publication of members’ news on the official website of the CSSC or its WeChat media;

(9) A membership certificate granted by the CSSC.

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