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9th International Sweetpotato Symposium & 5th Xuzhou World Sweetpotato Conference
Time: April 13 ,2022      source:        Association browse: 26

■Topic: “Higher quality, Richer nutrition, Better health

■Dates: September 19th-23rd, 2022

Form and Venue: Combination of on-site presentation and online Webinar due to the unpredictable nature of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2022. The format also will be adjusted in accordance with Chinese epidemic prevention and control policies. Planned Venus: International Conference Room A, Wyndham Xuzhou East, Xuzhou, China

The 9th International Sweetpotato Symposium was planned to be held at Xuzhou, China during September 19th-23rd, 2022. This Symposium will be historic key international sweetpotato symposium which had been postponed from 2020 to 2022  owing to COVID-19 pandemic. In this symposium, recent research proceeding and future prospects of sweetpotato will be shared and discussed by all participants from all over the world including China, Japan and Korea. In addition, we will keep open minds to discuss the “Belt and Road” international collaboration projects for sweetpotato research and industry.

■ Organizer:

Trilateral Research Association of Sweetpotato (TRAS)

The Professional Committee of Sweetpotato, Crop Science Society of China (PCS, CSSC)

China Agricultural Research System-Sweetpotato (CARS-SP),

“Belt and Road” International Academy of Scientific and Technological Innovation of Sweetpotato Industry

Sweetpotato Research Institute, Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences (SRI, CAAS)

Xuzhou Institute of Agricultural Sciences in Jiangsu Xuhuai District (XZIAS)

■Organizing Committee:


Dr. YI Zhongyi (Jiangsu Academy of Agricultural Sciences/JAAS)

Vice Chairman:

Dr. LI Qiang (Sweetpotato Research Institute, CAAS)

Prof. MA Daifu (Sweetpotato Research Institute, CAAS)


Dr. KWAK Sang-Soo (Korea Research Institute of Bioscience & Biotechnology)

Dr. TANAKA Masaru (National Agriculture and Food Research Organization, Japan)

Dr. LIU Qingchang (China Agricultural University / CAU, China)

Dr. ZHANG Liming (Shandong Academy of Agricultural Sciences / SAAS)

Dr. CAO Qinghe (Sweetpotato Research Institute, CAAS)

Academic Committee:


Dr. LIU Qingchang (China Agricultural University / CAU, China)


Dr. ISOBE Sachiko (Kazusa DNA Research Institute, Japan)

Dr. TANAKA Masaru (National Agriculture and Food Research Organization, Japan)

Dr. KWAK Sang-Soo (Korea Research Institute of Bioscience & Biotechnology)

Dr. ROH Jae-Hwan (Bioenergy Crop Research Institute, NICS, RDA, Korea)

Dr. ZHANG Liming (Shandong Academy of Agricultural Sciences / SAAS, China)

Dr. FANG Boping (Guangdong Academy of Agricultural Sciences / GAAS, China)

Dr. ZHANG Peng (CAS Center for Excellence in Molecular Plant Sciences, Chinese Academy of Sciences, China)

Dr. LI Yuming (Nanchong Academy of Agricultural Sciences / NAAS, China)

Dr. LI Qiang (Sweetpotato Research Institute, CAAS, China)

Dr. CAO Qinghe (Sweetpotato Research Institute, CAAS, China)

■ Key International Adviser members:

Mr. LU Xiaoping (CIP, Peru)

Prof. MA Daifu (China)

Dr. KOMAKI Katsumi (Japan)

Dr. MOK Il-Gin (Korea)

■ Contact: The symposium enquiries should be directed to Dr. WANG Xin

Sweetpotato Research Institute, CAAS, Xuzhou, 221131, China

E-mail: xuzhousweetpotato@163.com

Tel: +86-516-8202-8153

Fax: +86-516-8218-9209

■ Important notice concerning registration and submission of abstracts

§   Chinese participants should send both registration and abstract to Dr. WANG Xin (xuzhousweetpotato@163.com), Sweetpotato Research Institute, CAAS

§   Japanese participants should send them to Dr. TANAKA Masaru (mtanaka@affrc.go.jp)

§   Korean participants should send them to Mr. LEE Seungyong (lsy8689@korea.kr)

§   Other participants besides TRAS members should send them to Organizing secretary Dr. CAO Qinghe (cqhe75@yahoo.com)

[Overall schedule]

§   September 19th (Mon.), 2022: Arrival in Xuzhou, Registration

§   September 20th (Tue.), 2022: Symposium

§   September 21st (Wed.), 2022: Symposium

§   September 22nd (Thur.), 2022: Technical tour (AM), Departure

§   September 23rd (Fri.), 2022: Departure (depending on flight schedule)


■ There will be both oral and poster presentations.

■ Sessions (Sessions can be modified on the basis of abstracts collected)

I. Genetic resources and breeding

II. Cultivation and physiology

III. Pest & disease control

IV. Quality security, nutrition & health

V. Post-harvest processing

VI. Special session

■ Presenter can select oral or poster presentation. Oral presenters will be finally decided selected by the Organizing Committee.

§   Oral presenters will be announced at the 2nd announcement (July 2022).

§   Oral presentation is highly recommendable for Best Presentation Award.

§   The maximum poster size is 120 centimeters in height and 80 centimeters in width.

[Registration & Abstract submission]

■ Registration fee: 300 US$ (accept cash only on-site)

* Registration fee will cover Symposium materials, Lunch boxes (Sep. 20th and Sep. 21st), Welcome banquet (Sep. 20th) and Farewell Party (Sep. 21st), local round trip shuttle from airport to Hotel, and technical tour fee.

■ The REGISTRATION FORM [Appendix 1] and ABSTRACT FORMAT [Appendix 2] should be sent to Dr. WANG Xin, Dr. TANAKA Masaru, Mr. LEE Seungyong by April 30th &June 30th, 2022 separately.

Dr. WANG Xin (xuzhousweetpotato@163.com) for Chinese participants

Dr. TANAKA Masaru (mtanaka@affrc.go.jp) for Japanese participants

Mr. LEE Seungyong (lsy8689@korea.kr) for Korean participants

Dr. CAO Qinghe (cqhe75@yahoo.com) for other participants

* Abstract should be written within 2 pages according to ABSTRACT FORMAT [Appendix 2]


A type (4 star): Register and meeting venue for the symposium and welcome banquets, gala dinner (Wyndham Xuzhou East Hotel, about 65 US$ per night including breakfast)

B type: Near the Wyndham Xuzhou East Hotel (Xuzhou Hanyun Junting Hotel, about 50 US$ per night including breakfast).

§   Hotels are located in the beauty spot of Golden Dragon Lake.

§   Hotel rooms could be shared by two persons.

§   The exact hotel price will be mentioned at 2nd Announcement.

Visa: Please check China embassy website in your country for visa requirement. Invitation letter will be sent back to you after receiving registration form.

Air flights: There are several direct flights to/from Xuzhou International airport to/from the major cities of Japan and Korea.

The distance from the Xuzhou international airport to Hotel is about 50 km.  And the Xuzhou East railway station is about 3km. The Organizing Committee will arrange pick-up and transportation from airport and railway station to the Hotel.

■ The general arrangement

○ September 19 (Mon.), 2022, 10:00 : Registration

○ September 20 (Tue.), 2022

- 08:00 09:00 Registration

- 09:00 ∼ 09:30 Opening ceremony

- 09:30 ∼ 10:00 Break time

-10:00 ∼ 12:00 Session 1: Keynote lectures

- 12:00 13:30 Lunch

- 13:30 ∼ 15:00 Session 2:General oral presentation

- 15:00 ∼ 15:20 Break time

- 15:20 ∼ 17:30 Session 3: Poster presentation

- 18:00 Welcome banquet

○ September 21 (Wed.), 2022

- 08:40 ∼ 10:10 Session 4: General oral presentation

- 10:10 ∼ 10:30 Break time

- 10:30 ∼ 12:00 Session 5: General oral presentation

- 12:00 13:30 Lunch

- 13:30 ∼ 15:00 Session6: General oral presentation

- 15:00 ∼ 15:20 Break time

- 15:20 ∼ 16:35 Session 7: General oral presentation

- 16:35 ∼ 16:45 Break time

- 16:45 ∼ 18:00 Session 8: General oral presentation

- 18:30 Farewell party

-○ September 22 (Thur.), 2022

- 9:00 ∼ 12:30 Technical tour

- 12:30 13:30 Lunch

- 14:00 ∼ 16:00 Visit Sweetpotato Research Institutes, CAAS

- 16:00 ∼ 18:00 Departure

-○ September 23 (Fri.), 2022

- All day Departure

[Appendix 1] REGISTRATION FORM.docx

[Appendix 2] ABSTRACT FORMAT [reference sample].docx

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